RESOLVE project aims at enabling the development of a range of cost-effective, energy efficient and comfortable ELVs (Electric L-category Vehicles) that will primarily attract ICE car drivers to switch to ELVs for daily urban commutes.

EU cities are increasingly congested due to the demand and usage of motor vehicles that result in emissions and noise levels increase and scarcer parking, affecting the quality of life and health of city-dwellers.

To tackle such problems, European-wide emission targets are becoming stricter and urban mobility plans are being drawn. Future scenarios for EU urban areas see a modal shift in personal mobility from cars to lighter, smaller, more specialised and environmentally friendly alternatives.


ELVs are such alternatives that can cater to the average commuter’s needs because of their smaller size, lighter weight, lower on board energy requirement and thus smaller batteries, which supports lower costs and faster recharge.


However this modal shift has not been without challenges: many car drivers do not consider LVs as a viable and comfortable option.

Low cost Requirements

To achieve that, the project will develop components and systems that meet the very low cost requirements for the segment, particularly modular and scalable LV-specific electric powertrains and battery architectures.

Driving Experience

At the same time the project will deliver an exciting and attractive ELV driving experience by proposing new concepts (tilting & narrow track), while keeping the vehicle energy consumption at very low level.


All the advances will be demonstrated in two tilting four wheelers prototypes ELVs (L2e and L6e category), though a large number of these advances will also be applicable to the complete range of ELVs (including powered-two wheelers).


The RESOLVE consortium is optimally positioned to drive such innovations: PIAGGIO and KTM are the 2 largest LV manufacturers in the EU, while the complete ELV value chain is represented, complemented by top component suppliers and universities.

RESOLVE Final Event

The RESOLVE project has the pleasure to invite you to join the Final Event, where main achievements of the three years project activities are shown. This will take place at Arsenal in Brussels on April, 25th, 2018.

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Project Structure

RESOLVE project is made of 8 workpackages (WPs).

WP1 will start at the beginning of the project, aimed at delivering technical and economic feasibility of RESOLVE concept, by ensuring to meet users’ needs for light individual mobility.WP2 encompasses all activities of design and virtual validation of the vehicle architecture and system components that are developed respectively in:
– WP3 for powertrain;
– WP4 for engine and vehicle control strategies;
– WP5 for Human Machine Interface aspects.
Integration of components and subsystems prototypes into vehicle demonstrators is part of WP6, together with laboratory and on track tests to validate the project obiectives.
WP8 is in charge of the overall management troughout the whole duration of the project.
Horizontal activities of communication and exploitation are carried out in WP7.


RESOLVE Project aims at making Electric Light Vehicles (ELVs) a practical alternative to cars for urban travel needs, encouraging commuters
to switch to narrow-track ELVs (2 and 3 wheelers as well as light quadricycles).

RESOLVE set the following objectives and strategies in order to tackle the shortcomings of current ELVs:

Reducing Powertrain

Modularity and scalability

Functional integration

Low-cost solutions


Enhancing total vehicle
energy efficiency

Regenerative braking

 Light weight architecture

Smart range management

 New drive cycle for validation


Improving driver

Tilting vehicles and advanced dynamic control

HMI for comfort and safety


Increasing attractiveness
of ELVs

Promoting better understanding of ELV advantages with the public,
in particular female drivers

Such advances to state-of-the-art will be shown in two demonstration vehicles that could form a basis for attractive commercial ELV propositions.

Latest News


RESOLVE Final Event

RESOLVE at ACEM Conference

RESOLVE Final Event

The RESOLVE project has the pleasure to invite you to join the Final Event, where main achievements of the three years project activities are shown. This will take place at Arsenal in Brussels on April, 25th, 2018.